Summary & objectives

The project Youthpreneurs -Learning by doing  follows 2 main directions: first, teaching business fundamentals by providing the knowledge and skills necessary for youth to start their own business and second enhancing youth’s business skills for future career opportunities through hands-on experiences in the field of entrepreneurship..

The project objectives are:

  1. To equip 36 young people from the partner organizations with necessary skills and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship by participating in training and experiential activities.
  2. To elaborate a common course curricula in the field of youth entrepreneurship and a guide for youngsters willing to start a new business.


The proposal consists of 4 organizations experienced in the youth field and entrepreneurship in particular from Romania, Spain, UK and Portugal. During the project the youngsters will participate at a training course on entrepreneurship, will elaborate business plans, and will implement their businesses in local communities they come from. The project is a good way to engage, to raise motivation of the participants and to create excellent quality work through sharing of good training and learning practice between the partners.

The partners organizations will use their experiences and will create 2 intellectual outputs (Course curricula Innovative curriculum for entrepreneurship training of youths and the Guide  How to start a business) which are the results of sharing ideas, best practice,  methodologies and resources between the partners.

The project impacts the participants in terms of development of those qualities and personal skills which forms the basis of the entrepreneurial spirit and behaviour. The project creates pathways for youngsters to discover and create entrepreneurial opportunities and gives them the possibility to learn by doing through the planning and running of a business.